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PayPal now accepted for payments by Greenville Water and WasteWater Utility


The Greenville Water and Wastewater Utility is now accepting PayPal as a payment option for utility customers.  The additional payment option includes PayPal, PayPal Credit, PayPal pay in four, and Venmo for mobile payments. 

Greenville partnered with PayPal and InvoiceCloud to offer the brands for new streamlined, convenient ways for utility customers to pay their bills online.

“Over the last few years, the Greenville Water Utility has become a very forward thinking organization” said Andy Lemon, Vice President of the Greenville Town Council.  “Our customers want the same conveniences as shopping online and this partnership provides more options for them to pay electronically.  Additionally, we offer another way for the underbanked and underserved populations to make convenient utility payments.”

Customers can now take cash to over 85,000 retail locations nationwide and load money directly to their account with PayPal to pay their bills. Customers simply bring cash to a participating retailer, generate a barcode from the PayPal app, and present the barcode at the register. The cashier will scan the barcode and the money will automatically be loaded into PayPal, allowing customers to pay their bills directly online.

PayPal Crypto

PayPal recently launched PayPal Crypto and last month Venmo opened its services to buying, selling and holding cryptocurrency.  Both platforms are open to four types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, and Litecoin. 

In March, InvoiceCloud hosted a webinar with hundreds of utilities throughout the US covering the functionality of the additional payment feature and the brand add on process.  “We were the only utility that mentioned cryptocurrency during the webinar”, Lemon said.  “We wanted to understand if PayPal was planning to integrate PayPal Crypto into their PayPal platform.  Currently, both are separate applications.”

After the webinar, representatives from PayPal and InvoiceCloud reached out to Lemon and advised that PayPal is targeting integration with its PayPal Crypto platform during the winter of 2021.  They confirmed that the integrated applications will allow for customers to pay utility bills using cryptocurrency. 

“Greenville’s goal is to be the first water utility in Southern Indiana to enter the cryptocurrency market”, Lemon said.  “We will offer our customer’s cryptocurrency as a payment option in the future.”